NLA Accreditation

What is NLA Accreditation ?

NLA Accreditation is purely based on Landlord Development and good management practice. It is a national scheme which offers greater consistency for all landlords, tenants and councils to recognise.

How do I become accredited?

1) Go to the front page of the Library and click on the Library subjects green box

2) Complete all of the CORE subjects that are marked in RED on the Library. Scottish subjects are only for those landlords seeking accreditation in Scotland

3) Agree to continue your professional development (CPD) as well as complying with our complaints process in the event of the NLA receiving a complaint about you. You do this by signing the scheme rules document. Download the scheme rules then simply return your signed copy to

How do I keep my development up to date (CPD) ?

  • Attendance at NLA branch meetings or local authority landlord forums.
  • Attendance at development courses for landlords including those hosted by the NLA, Local authorities and other landlord organisations
  • Reading our UK Landlord Magazine
  • Completing modules on the Landlord Library.
  • Attendenace at any annual conference via the NLA or any other landlord provider.

All attendance based events need to be manually added to the CPD log via the drop down facility which is available in the CPD area on the librarys front page.

What are the benefits of becoming an NLA Accredited landlord?

The NLA promotes and provides accreditation because we believe it is the best way for us to prove, as landlords, that we can self regulate. If we are aware of legislation and our responsibilities and have a way of demonstrating this (NLA Accreditation) we can prove that we do not require further legislation. To demonstrate your accredited status you can use the NLA Accredited Logo. This is available by contacting 

Is NLA accreditation recognised by my local authority ?

At the moment the NLA is calling on all councils to work with us to deliver a National approach to accreditation.Accreditation is vital to councils for a number of reasons and all of the local authorities that we have spoken to applaud the idea of a national scheme.If you have contacts at your council please let them know what you are doing in terms of this scheme. Many councils offer incentives to accredited landlords.

What if I am already accredited on another Landlord Development-based scheme?

If you have already completed the foundation course with us in the past (or another scheme such as the LLAS, KLAS, SLAS, LAW or the MLAS scheme) in the last four years, we can passport you onto the NLA scheme. Simply read and sign the scheme rules document Download the scheme rules and e-mail it along with a copy of your current accreditation certificate to

Can I have more than one CPD log on the library?

Membership to the library is for one person and therefore the CPD log can only be used to record one person’s activity.Whilst the library is also used as a reference tool and more than one person may access it for this, for the purposes of NLA accreditation the CPD log can only record one person’s accreditation details.If you would like to set up another access to the library, for a basic membership fee of as little as £50 a year, please contact our membership team on 0207 840 8937 or see more details of the membership types here:

Multiple Account Control

Multiple Account Control Now your linked accounts can also become accredited with us! If your membership level with us is either FAMILY or BUSINESS then you can create some additional membership accounts at no additional cost. If you hold FAMILY membership with us then you may want to add your partner or others to your membership. FAMILY membership will allow you to add up to TWO additional users to the membership which you as the main account holder pay for. If you hold BUSINESS membership then you may want to add your employees or others to your membership. BUSINESS membership will allow you to add up to FOUR additional users to the membership which you as the main account holder pay for. As the main account holder only you can control adding and deleting the additional accounts.

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