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For Local Authorities

Landlord accreditation is well on the way to becoming an important industry 'must-have' - and not only does it benefit landlords, but tenants and local authorities as well.

Why choose NLA Accreditation?

The NLA provides a central, nationally recognised accreditation scheme, offering a UK-wide signpost of verification to allow responsible landlords to promote their services.

It costs nothing for local authorities to work with us on NLA Accreditation as we look after all the administration including:

At the NLA, we believe that landlords - like all other professionals - should be recognised for what they know about the sector.

NLA Accreditation is designed to act as a standalone model of accreditation. We're keen to acknowledge and promote the expertise and commitment that professional landlords demonstrate when it comes to maintaining best practice and high standards of property management.

What are the advantages for local authorities?

Many local authorities are unaware of the ways in which NLA Accreditation can benefit them. In fact, there are a great many ways

There are a number of ways in which NLA Accreditation can benefit local authorities:

Facilitate NLA Accreditation in your area

We'd like to hear from any local authority interesting in working with us on delivering accreditation in their area. To speak to our team, simply email or call 0207 840 8900.

Are the landlords you're dealing with members of the NLA?

All NLA members have a membership number and a membership identity card.

Our online member verification tool will allow you to verify that the landlord is a member of the NLA.

Our register of members and National Register of Accredited Landlords will also show whether a landlord has achieved the NLA's Accredited Landlord status, as well as any additional achievements with other major accreditation schemes.

Find out more about NLA Accreditation here.