Editing NLA forms

To protect you and your tenants data under the GDPR requirements, we have closed the websites 'Create Online' functionality for all NLA Forms.
We have also removed any previously created forms we stored on your behalf.

The NLA understands how useful the create online function and its ability to store completed forms was, and we are looking into alternatives that are secure with your data. We will promote when these become avliable for you to use  

Until then, this guide tells you how to edit and save the PDF Tenancy Agreements and other forms we provide via the potential different browsers and tools. 


Google Chrome

Pro: Quickest way to create a form 
Con: You can not enter more text than the line allows and once saved you can not re-edit the document.

If you use Chrome as your browser it will automatically open the PDF in another tab.

Fill in the details. 

And to save click on the print icon 

How to save on Google1

Followed by clicking on 'Change' to then 'Save as PDF'


How to save on Google2


Note: Once saved you can not re-edit the document.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Pro: Can be saved as a PDF and re-edited on any computer
Con: You may have an older version on your computer which does not match the below.
         You can not enter more text than the line allows and once saved you can not re-edit the document.
         Adobe like to try and make you pay for a pro version that is not needed to edit these documents. 

This desktop tool is usually already installed on most computers. If not you can download a free version from Adobe

The form that you would like to edit might first open in the browser you are using.
Download and save the PDF to your computer first, to use Adobe - Right click and select Open With to pick. 

To edit click on 'Fill & Sign' to find options to add text and check marks.  

Edit on Adobe


PDF's will open black with no ability to edit 
Download and save and then open with Adobe Acrobat to edit 

Internet Explorer

PDF's will automatically open with Adobe Acrobat 


PDF's will automatically open and you can edit the document
Save under a different name to return later and continue your edit 


We suggest it is easier to download, view and edit these files on a desktop computer (PC/Mac). 

Adding a signature.

You can add your signature directly with Adobe Acrobat. There are also several apps and websites that help you create electronic versions (jpeg, PDF) of your handwritten signature.