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im trying to print a tenancy agreement from this site but i need to back date the form to the end of last year but it wont let you it needs to be from today date any ideas will i be able to print one thanks in advance

Print a blank PDF version and write the relevant details in by hand. I'm not sure how well a post dated agreement will stand up in court though.


Why back date it? No tenant in their right mind is going to sign a backdated AST. If you have neglected the AST have you taken a deposit and issued the relevant prescribed information within the 30 day allowed period?

I am just about to rent my property out for the first time without using agents. Do I just need the AST or do I need another longer rental agreement? Would appreciate some advice from you pros out there!


You will also need to issue your deposit schemes prescribed information and deposit guide. If your property was once lived in by yourself make sure Ground 1 is stated in the AST and if you have a mortgage Ground 2.

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Can I add additional information in the AST. Having difficulty with adding extra clauses under individual sections. Many Thanks

I would like to propose an improvement to clause 5.2 (return of deposit) of the NLA's AST agreement. Instead of it saying the deposit should be returned "...within 10 working days of the end of the Tenancy...", it could say "...within 10 working days of its return being requested by the Tenant following the end of the Tenancy...". I have had occasions where, despite me asking, it has taken more than 10 days for outgoing tenants to give me clear directions as to where and how they want the deposit returned. Some of the letting agents I use, include such wording in their standard AST agreements and it has proved helpful.

Hi. I have tenants (couple with a child from Nepal) found for me by my letting agent. He works but does not have the income to cover the monthly rental but does have cash. He has paid up front for 6 months and would to renew in August with the same arrangement. I have just heard that it is important that the AST deals with this in a specific way. Does anyone have any experience of this please? Many thanks.

Hi - Is there a specific rule regarding Periodic Tenancy agreements. There is no reference to this in the NLA standard AST and I think there should be.

I have also tried to search for Periodic tenancy on this site and there is very little reference to this

So at the end of an AST should I automatically issue a periodic tenancy agreement ?

Hi 16221,

Your best bet is to contact NLA helpline and they will tell you all you need to know. Briefly, an AST becomes a so-called 'statutory periodic tenancy' at the end of the fixed term by default unless the Landlord has given suitable Notice Requiring Possession, such as that by virtue of 'Section 21' So, no further paperwork or any action at all by the Landlord is required at the end of the term of the original AST agreement, other than reprotecting any deposit received according to the rules of the relevant scheme. And so, your agreement just 'rolls on' under the pre-existing conditions. A standard AST generally makes no reference to statutory periodics because, in essence it doesn't need to. It is, as it were, after the event and so not relevant.
If you google 'statutory periodic tenancy' and take the link to www.simplyrent.co.uk, this may help further. Info about SPT can be found under the link entitled 'What is a Periodic Tenancy?' I would hope, though that NLA has something on its site equally comprehensive.

Hi I'm a residential landlord and require a tenancy agreement for a lodger but it doesn't let me create one online cam anyone help please ?
Thank you

Hi. Can I predate a tenancy agreement. If both parties sign before date of agreement, is it still legally binding?

Hello all. Does anyone have any advise on where I can get the information required to add two clauses to the NLA AST agreement? My local council requires two added clauses to issue me a landlord license, the two clauses need to be on anti social behaviour and code of conduct. I'm really struggling to find any actual helpful information.


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