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More power to tenants over retaliatory eviction

Article Posted - 5th February 2015

Commenting on amendments to the Deregulation Bill to end the practise of so called retaliatory evictions today, Chris Norris, Head of Policy at the National Landlords Association (NLA), said:

“Everyone deserves a decent home and no one will argue that tenants must feel able to raise issues with their landlords without the fear of losing their home. But we have yet to see any credible evidence of a problem significant to justify the need for additional legislation and we strongly believe that the changes announced today represent a politically timed reaction to fear and anecdote, rather than a confirmation of commonplace poor practice within private housing.  

“The Government has been distracted from the business of ensuring that existing legislation, intended to protect tenants and landlords from genuine criminals, is enforced properly. At best this will be a burdensome nuisance for the majority of good landlords. At worst it will further mask the actions of criminals who abuse their tenants, while regulators struggle to differentiate between those in genuine need and vexatious troublemakers.

"The Government says that the majority of good landlords will have nothing to fear but the truth is it will give unscrupulous tenants and ambulance-chasing legal firms more power to resist genuine and necessary attempts on behalf of landlords to regain lawful possession on a property".

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