NLA Rent On Time

Do you want peace of mind with guaranteed rent on time?

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The Rent on Time scheme is also known as the Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme, a scheme designed to ensure you get your rent on time, no matter what your tenants circumstances might be.

Landlords with several properties and single properties alike depend on the steady monthly income they receive from their tenants, so dealing with tenants who fail to pay their rent on time can be stressful and directly affects your income.

Our Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme, Rent on Time, is designed to help landlords plan and manage their residential property investment, without worrying about the cash flow.

The Rent on Time service provides landlords with complete peace of mind by safeguarding rental income and managing the entire rent collection process.

Effectively, we pay your rent.

When you enroll on our rent on time scheme we will:

  • Pay your rent on time, every time, even if your tenant fails to pay
  • Run all the necessary reference checks and confirm the outcome
  • Collect your tenants rent on your behalf
  • Contact your tenant when they miss a payment
  • Seek to resolve issues or property repossession should rent arrears arise
  • Ensure your rental income is protected


  • Guaranteed monthly rental income
  • Fully automated online ordering system
  • Telephone support line
  • Service suitable and open to new and existing tenants
  • Free registration
  • Automatic enrolment on our mydeposits tenancy deposit protection scheme - a legal requirement for all landlords with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy
NLA Rent On Time