Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance

Is your rental income at risk?

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The National Landlords Association has partnered with Rentguard, to provide Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee insurance. The intention of the Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee policy is to cover rental payments if the tenants default on the rent whilst also covering the legal costs for evicting the tenants. Please see the policy wording for the full terms and conditions that apply to the policy.

Evicting your tenants and trying to regain possession of your property can often be a costly battle. When you take out Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee insurance with Rentguard, you off-set some of the risk attached with tenants defaulting on rental payments whilst still occupying your property.


• Covers unpaid rental income of up to £3,000 per month (up to a maximum of £18,000 or six months' rent, whichever is the lesser amount)

• Covers up to £25,000 for legal expenses per claim

• 6 & 12 month cover options available

• Up to 5 tenants covered on one policy (single tenancy agreement)

• Cover can be offered for an existing tenancy agreement (90 days exclusion period might apply)

NLA Rent Protect

This partnership replaces the NLA Rent Protect service, which was withdrawn in January 2020 by the scheme underwriter.

Rent & Legal Protection

Please note that NLA is no longer offering this service and it has been replaced with 'Rent and Legal Protection