NLA Tenant Check

Do you know who you are letting to?

From £8.95 for NLA Members


Minimise the risk of rent arrears and other problems by carrying out a tenant check on your tenants. Tenant background checks will help shed light on your tenant's renting history, financial backgrounds, and inform you of any criminal convictions your tenant might have. It's best to practice vigilance as a property owner and find out who you are letting your property to before handing over the keys.

We offer two key types of Tenant Checks:

The Basic Tenant Check will confirm that the tenant is who they claim to be and highlight any irregularities you may wish to consider, for example:

  • Failure to pay rent to previous landlords
  • Reputation of damaging properties
  • Income related enquiries
  • Each Basic Tenant Check includes:
    • County Court Judgement (CCJ) Search
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Data
    • Residency and Address Confirmation
    • Alias Name Search
    • Linked Addresses located and searched
    • ID verification checks

The Full Tenant Check will do the above but also provide you with references obtained from employers and previous landlords and confirm previous property ownership and bank account details.

On average, you will receive your tenant check results within 48 hours.

The Full Tenant Check will perform the following additional checks:

  • Written verification of employment/income
  • Reference from current landlord or letting agent
  • Affordability calculation
  • Application tracking with 24-hour online access

In the event that you require the results of your tenant screening urgently, Express Check is also available, providing you with a next-day response. Each Express Tenant Check will perform the following additional checks:

  • Verbal communication of employment
  • Verbal reference from current landlord or letting agent
  • Bank account validation

Remember, as a landlord it is vital to protect your rent. The NLA Rent Protect policy can provide security in the event conflict arises with your tenant.


  • Quick and easy-to-use online system
  • Cost effective
  • Tenancy checks reduce the risk of letting to unreliable tenants
  • Discount: NLA Members save up to £5 per Tenant Check
NLA Tenant Check