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Finding and Using a Letting Agent

Although many landlords choose to let and manage their properties themselves, some prefer to find a letting agent to manage the property on their behalf.

If you're not sure whether using a letting agent is something you should do, the following are some key indicators that an agent might be the right choice for you:

Time to find a letting agent?

If any or all of the above statements ring true for you, you may find the management services of an agent really useful.

Similarly, if you're not confident in your property management skills, or your knowledge of legal requirements, it could be time for you to find a letting agent.

Choosing a Letting Agent

It could be that you already know of a suitable letting agency, or there may be fellow landlords you could ask - but if not, the following pointers should be considered when trying to find a letting agent:

  1. Do they have a number of clients with properties similar to yours? If they do, it means they are more likely to find you a tenant quickly. Some letting agents specialise in certain types of property or tenants.
  2. Do they have Client Money Protection (CMP) as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance?
  3. Are they members of a recognised national organisation?